Monday 16/11/09

We arrived in Australia Monday morning 6.20. We picked up the camper straight away; a Toyota Hiace, more spacious than we expected. There are two 2-personbeds. Little kitchen with refridgerator and stove. Lots of cupboards, so we still have plenty of space left.
Monday we drove to Caloundra gereden. After 45 minutes on the road, Ruud noticed that his credit card was still in the office from the rental company. So we had to get back to pick it up. So after another 1.5 hour we could commence our journey.

Tuesday 17/11/09

From Caloundra we went to the Australia Zoo from Steve Irwin. It’s spring in Australia but it was an exceptional hot day; 35 degees Celcius! The Zoo was worth the visit with crocodiles, kangaroos and koala’s.

Woensdag 18/11/09

Wednesday we drove further to the North to Rainbow Beach. We wantd to visit a lake near Boreen point, but regretted that after a while. The satnav sent us via 3 gravel road. So we had to drive very slowly in our campervan, unfortunately there wasn’t another possibility.
After booking a daytour to Fraser Island for tomorrow, we went to the swimming pool and afterwards had salmon from the BBQ on one of the many public BBQ’s over here. It’s getting dark over here quite a early; 19h, so we’ve been in bed early the last couple of days until we’ve found a lamp for outside somewhere…