Sorry, sorry, sorry. I haven’t been updating the English readers for quite a while now. Internet access is quite hard. So try to do a lot in a short period of time. Will give you all a quick update on what we’ve been doing the last couple of weeks.

Fraser Island was really beautiful! We did a tour in a huge 4×4 truck and saw a lot of the island. From Rainbow beach we went up further north to Bundaberg. From there we went to Mon Repos. This is a beach where turtles lay their eggs from November-January. We were in group 3 so it took a long time before we were able to see a turtle laying her eggs. It was incredible! She layed 119 eggs. Fortunately she didn’t go high enough on the beach and therefore we could help to move the eggs a bit higher, in the dunes.

From here we went to Eungella National Park. This is a rainforrest high on a hill. From the site we parked the campervan for the night we had a stunning view of the valley.

We then headed further north to Airlie Beach. From here we planned to go sailing to the Whitsunday Islands. Unfortunately for the coming days the trips were fully booked, so we had some days to relax! The sailing trip was great. We did a 2 day trip, so stayed one night on the boat. During the trip we stopped at some coral reefs where we could snorkel. This was great, all the different colours from the fish and the coral.

From Airlie beach we headed further north to Cairns. Here we spent a day diving in the great barrier reef! Ruud made 3 great dives. Lonneke first did an intro dive as it was a long time ago she had been diving. We saw a big turtle and Lonneke saw a reef shark, of course amongst all the other beautiful fish and coral landscapes.
Cairns is a very nice city. The esplanada is very spacious with some public BBQ’s and also a big openair swimming pool. This due to the fact you’re not allowed to swim in the sea as there are some saltwater crocodiles… So didn’t try that either.

From Cairns we’re now heading south back to Townsville. From here we go inland to the outback.

Hopefully I will keep you more updated next couple of weeks!

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