Hi all,

Here a short message from Singapore. We arrived Thursday evening after a 12 hours flight. This actually went quite fast!
Yesterday and today we’ve been exploring Singapore. Today we had more luck weatherwise as we had quite some rain yesterday afternoon.
All week several streets are blocked over here due to a APEC meeting. Today security is slightly higher as Obama is visiting Singapore today.

Also we’ve done a bit of shopping here already, Ruud bought Teva sandals and 2 shorts, Lonneke Croos (fake Crocs), t-shirt, bag en we bought two flash lights today.

Tonight we’re going to enjoy the Asian cuisine. Tomorrow we’re going to take it easy as we have to go to the airport late in the afternoon as we’re flying to Brisbane tomorrow evening. We’ll be arriving there around 7am Monday morning.

I’ll also try to upload some pictures to the website.

All the best!

Lonneke & Ruud.